29 Oct


It’s Halloween time here in the States, and that means that an unfortunate set of women will shamelessly attempt to look “sexy” while wearing ill-fitting costumes made of nylon and rayon-blended fabrics assembled in something known as a “costume.” With every year, women’s costumes are reduced more and more to strips of stretch lace and garter belts as opposed to actual costumes, and while everyone loves a sexy woman, the unfortunate result of these types of costumes is the dumbing down of the female form and, quite frankly, an insult to our intelligence. Aren’t consumers able to engage with women in ways that go beyond stares as they show all the goods? Isn’t it possible for women, on the other hand, to come up with something a little more creative but simultaneously sexy? I would hope yes.

I wanted to use Retail DJ as a platform to call for the return of cute costumes that still allow women to feel good about their appearance without a) breaking the bank and b) risking a fight with pneumonia from wearing little to nothing during this weekend’s freezing cold Halloween festivities. Let’s start, shall we?

1. Pinup

This is actually my costume this year and it’s surprisingly easy to put together. You just need a few simple items: a fitted dress or romper, a scarf, flower, or ribbon for your hair, pearl earrings (or gold hoops), red lipstick, and cute shoes. Your scarf choice and style will depend on the era you choose, but any way you tie it, it will look great when coupled with the rest of the outfit. If you want to make the outfit a little more blatantly sexy, you can always wear a nightie with ballet slippers. Generally, the makeup is very matte, with heavy eyeliner, red lips, and peachy/pink cheeks. Depending on how edgy or how fancy you take it, this could also work as a showgirl/burlesque dancer costume or a Suicide Girls-esque modern take on the pinup.

2. Librarian

Despite the less-than-sexy stereotypes, librarians often know their way around a wardrobe. And even better for the Halloween reveler looking for a costume in a time crunch of a financial bind, librarian costumes are easy and fun. They also happen to be weather appropriate šŸ™‚ All you need is a button-up sweater, glasses, a skirt, blouse, stockings, oxford shoes or low heels, and a bookbag (to be filled with candy in this case). Vintage shops are great places to hit up for this costume because you can walk away with finds that you can actually wear again. It’s an easily recognizable costume, and one you can make a little more sexy in cute and subtle ways (i.e. imagine “librarian with her skirt stuck in her pantyhose after a trip to the bathroom” or ” a librarian whose buttons start a little low. You can be cheeky without actually showing any cheek. This costume also works for the teacher look.

3. RiotGrrl

Nothing is sexier than raw musical talent and stickin’ it to the man, and who better to symbolize this than riotgrrls? The costume is simply a revival of a 90s grunge meets punk look plus an instrument, preferably a guitar. If you have a white t-shirt, a skirt, Doc Martens, and some knee-highs, you’re pretty much set. Just be sure to put your hair in a ponytail or two. This costume also doubles as raver, punk, or school girl depending on the fabric patterns and your makeup choices.

– Retail DJ


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