What’s Good? Lil Ray

11 Oct

DJ Lil Ray

When you first look at Rachael Spiewak, better known on the music scene as DJ Lil Ray, you’d first be likely to see her social work roots. But after catching a mischievous side-glance, you’d know that her mind was somewhere else. Though she started out in fundraising for non-profits and community organizing, Southern born and bred Lil Ray ended up venturing down another path. Armed with music as her weapon of choice, Lil Ray battles the tough and sometimes unwelcoming NYC club and bar scene with an energy and devotion to her craft that is unrivaled. Lil Ray hustles like no other, DJing bars, clubs, and shows on a nightly basis for weeks on end. For Lil Ray, DJing is her art, but also her full-time profession.

In full American Dream style, Lil Ray moved from NYC to Atlanta with her turntables in tow, an Amtrak ticket in her pocket, and a whole lot of hope, and her still being here is a testament to not only her work ethnic, but also her talent. Combining a variety of genres from hip hop (her true love) to house, a set by Lil Ray never fails for disappoint and lights the fire under the feet of even the most immobile New York club crowds. So don’t hesitate. Come with me to discover more about the DJ whose name may be li’l, but whose sound is very big.  Click play to find out What’s Good? with DJ Lil Ray:

What’s Good? Lil Ray (Exclusive Interview) by RetailDJ

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

– Retail DJ


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