Get Dressed to This: Taking a Beating

6 Oct

Getting Punished . . . by my workload

Ahhh time, the inevitable aspect of my life that continues to follow me like a shadow and chase me like a hunter into my days and dreams, haunting me as I work and even moreso when I sleep. In moments when I feel overwhelmed with all that must be done – an article here, a podcast there, an interview here, a photoshoot there – my subconscious takes over and does strange things. Case: I stayed up until 6 am the other day listening to over 400 songs and mixes to piece together the tracklist for the September/October Retail DJ podcast. Point: I had a dream in which I had to strangle rats the size of bears, but then my feelings got the best of me when one began to lick my hand like a puppy and I couldn’t kill it.

Sounds like fun, right?

Welcome to just one night in the life of my stressed-out, over-worked brain. Luckily, music is always here to come to the rescue. This time around, the mix that’ motivated me as I got ready to go out is the latest Resident Advisor Podcast: Detroit Beatdown. Though only released on Monday, I go out on Tuesdays, so last night it really put me in the mood to dance and to continue doing so inside and outside of my house. For the outfit this week, I’ve chosen a dark number to fall right in line with this cold weather, with a little bit of color for contrast. The inspiration piece for this outfit were the boots from AllSaints, which look like they have taken a little beating of their own, though in a neat, aesthetically pleasing way, of course.

So take a moment to play and prepare to destroy the dancefloor after you Get Dressed to This:

The Music

Resident Advisor Podcast no. 227: Detroit Beatdown

(by DJs Norm Talley Delano Smith, and Mike Clark)

(click here to get this podcast)

The Outfit

1. Savitr Boot, AllSaints Spitalfields, $450 USD

2. V-Neck Pleat Waist Knitted Dress, ASOS, $54 USD

3. Blazer, Ohne Titel (for purchase @ YOOX), $480 USD

4. Falling Star Earrings, Anthropologie, $148 USD

5. Deerskin Leather Purse at Mano Bello,cync00’s Esty page, $215 USD

 6. Dara Ettinger Chelsea Ring, Urban Outfitters, $80 USD

 – Retail DJ


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