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I Love Mondays: Hangover Remedy

31 Oct

Ah, the Monday after Halloween. Though I myself did not go crazy this weekend (just a few mellow parties here and there), I am sure some of you are going to be feeling the burn this Monday, and I mean burn by way of all the acid reflex post-candy overdosing fun, upset stomach from all the alcohol, and a headache or two. Yes, all that sugar plus alcohol means nothin’ but hangover, so I am sure you all will need a whole lot of coffee at the start of this week, and not just because you’ll be exhausted. That said, I don’t want to frighten you all back into the work-week with something that would compel sensory overload. This Monday, you’re going to have to ease back into the groove, and what better way to do that than with a funky mix by Vancouver-based DJ Neoteric?

For some reason, Canada seems to be producing some of the best DJs in the game. Maybe it’s the water? Socialized healthcare? Who knows. Whatever it is, it works, and I hope they keep on putting out more where these came from. Neoteric’s been around for some while, producing and mixing his way around the blog and club scene, and frequently introducing his listeners to some of the most fun and interesting tracks/sets I’ve ever heard. His sound is diverse, yet consistent in that you have no doubt before pressing play that it’s gong to be good.

This mix he did for Los Angeles’ world-famous dance party¬†The Do Over is no different. It’s a rich set filled with a little bit of house (Detroit and Chicago had their hands deep in this one), some 90s hip hop, and a lot of funk. Check it out, and by that, I mean play AND download. You will be very sad if you don’t.

Neoteric – Live Set from The Do Over (9-8-2010)

(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

– Retail DJ



29 Oct


It’s Halloween time here in the States, and that means that an unfortunate set of women will shamelessly attempt to look “sexy” while wearing ill-fitting costumes made of nylon and rayon-blended fabrics assembled in something known as a “costume.” With every year, women’s costumes are reduced more and more to strips of stretch lace and garter belts as opposed to actual costumes, and while everyone loves a sexy woman, the unfortunate result of these types of costumes is the dumbing down of the female form and, quite frankly, an insult to our intelligence. Aren’t consumers able to engage with women in ways that go beyond stares as they show all the goods? Isn’t it possible for women, on the other hand, to come up with something a little more creative but simultaneously sexy? I would hope yes.

I wanted to use Retail DJ as a platform to call for the return of cute costumes that still allow women to feel good about their appearance without a) breaking the bank and b) risking a fight with pneumonia from wearing little to nothing during this weekend’s freezing cold Halloween festivities. Let’s start, shall we?

1. Pinup

This is actually my costume this year and it’s surprisingly easy to put together. You just need a few simple items: a fitted dress or romper, a scarf, flower, or ribbon for your hair, pearl earrings (or gold hoops), red lipstick, and cute shoes. Your scarf choice and style will depend on the era you choose, but any way you tie it, it will look great when coupled with the rest of the outfit. If you want to make the outfit a little more blatantly sexy, you can always wear a nightie with ballet slippers. Generally, the makeup is very matte, with heavy eyeliner, red lips, and peachy/pink cheeks. Depending on how edgy or how fancy you take it, this could also work as a showgirl/burlesque dancer costume or a Suicide Girls-esque modern take on the pinup.

2. Librarian

Despite the less-than-sexy stereotypes, librarians often know their way around a wardrobe. And even better for the Halloween reveler looking for a costume in a time crunch of a financial bind, librarian costumes are easy and fun. They also happen to be weather appropriate ūüôā All you need is a button-up sweater, glasses, a skirt, blouse, stockings, oxford shoes or low heels, and a bookbag (to be filled with candy in this case). Vintage shops are great places to hit up for this costume because you can walk away with finds that you can actually wear again. It’s an easily recognizable costume, and one you can make a little more sexy in cute and subtle ways (i.e. imagine “librarian with her skirt stuck in her pantyhose after a trip to the bathroom” or ” a librarian whose buttons start a little low. You can be cheeky without actually showing any cheek. This costume also works for the teacher look.

3. RiotGrrl

Nothing is sexier than raw musical talent and stickin’ it to the man, and who better to symbolize this than riotgrrls? The costume is simply a revival of a 90s grunge meets punk look plus an instrument, preferably a guitar. If you have a white t-shirt, a skirt, Doc Martens, and some knee-highs, you’re pretty much set. Just be sure to put your hair in a ponytail or two. This costume also doubles as raver, punk, or school girl depending on the fabric patterns and your makeup choices.

– Retail DJ

Winter Casting Call

26 Oct

Dear DJs and Designers,

I want a piece of you . . . or at least a few photos and some ear candy. If you or someone you know would like to be featured on Retail DJ, please send an email with a little information about yourself, your work, and a sample or two of what you do (i.e. a soundcloud page link, etsy page, etc) to:

I’m doing my own search as well, of course, but I’m all about self-nominations too! So don’t be shy! Send me your stuff and brag away.

– Retail DJ

I Love Mondays: Clusterf*ck

24 Oct

Halloween is right around the corner, and despite my having already chosen what to be (a year ago, actually) and which parties to go to, my friends are a bit all over the place, completely unsure of what they will dress up as and where they will spend their costumed nights. This Monday is the start of what will surely be a crazy week in NYC for many people beyond my friends. With this thought at the forefront before all the others, I felt that the mix for Monday should be something equally as chaotic, yet at the same time just as fun!

For this I ‚̧ Mondays mix, I’ve decided on a mix by Sammy Bananas that is quite the clusterf*ck, though I mean that in the nicest possible way. It’s a mix of almost every single genre known to man, and has so much energy that it can bring the spirit out of the most mortal of Mondays. I hope it helps you start yours on a much happier note!

(click to play)

tracklist after the jump

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Get Dressed To This: Babydoll

23 Oct

The decades of the 20th century always find their way back to our closets. They sneak in via shoulder pads, wacky neon prints, lipstick colors, and heel heights, but a few of them have nothing to hide and brazenly broadcast their presence with the help of simplicity. Certain styles are basic enough to stick around with the help of seasonal or trend-based updates (like a sleeve alteration or a new pattern). One of them is the babydoll dress.

Though we’ve seen it in several different incarnations, the basics are simple: falls mid-thigh, has short sleeves, is tighter around the bust and/or has an empire waist, and has delicate, “feminine” details. Though this dress style was all the rage in the 1960s and 1990s, it has come back full-force in the 2nd decade of the 2000s. Fortunately, we don’t always interpret things as literally anymore, so the exaggerated cut and styling for this type of dress has ceased, and subtlety reigns supreme.

For this Get Dressed to This, I wanted to focus on the lighter side of fall fashion with an homage to the dress that never dies: the babydoll. The music is by the Round Table Knights, and as per usual, it’s a luscious, deep house mix that starts off slow and increases in intensity with each minute it plays. With tracks by Homework, Jesse Rose, Justin Martin, and more! Enjoy:

The Music

Round Table Knights – Autumn Mix 2010

(click to play; right click + save target as to download)

tracklist (below) after the jump

The Outfit

1. Beans on Toast, Irregular Choice, $150 USD

2. Chocolate Brown and Tan Mini Dress with Lace Bust and Bow, patriciavalery store on Etsy, $49 USD

3. Transparenze Dora Wool Rib Over Knee Socks,, $14 USD

4. Cassonade Coat, Anthropologie, $198 USD

click below for the tracklist!

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CMJ Weekend

22 Oct

More Parties, more broken feet. Get yours now:

Friday, October 22nd Bust Magazine CMJ Showcase @ Southpaw, BIG FREDDIA! (New Orleans Sissy Bounce):

get tickets here


Friday, October 22, Windish Agency CMJ Showcase @ Webster Hall:


Friday, October 22nd: Palms Out CMJ Showcase @ Pacha:



Saturday, October 23rd, EZRAKH and more at 8 Bond Studio:



Saturday, October 23, AM Only + Famous Friends CMJ Showcase @ LPR:

– Retail DJ

CMJ Parties Galore – Don’t Miss Out!

20 Oct



There are a ton of good parties for the CMJ music marathon this week, but the first one I want to highlight is that of EZRAKH!!!! He is going to be putting in work this Saturday, October 23rd at the Onyx Electronic Experience at 8 Bond Studio for CMJ!

He’ll be DJing for the night, complete with live performances by Cubic Zirconia, Shyvonne, and more! Check out the site for more details + a mixtape!

Other CMJ faves during the weeknights (weekend lineup coming separately – no need to overwhelm ya):

Wednesday, October 20th, Culture of Me Party @ Backstage

RSVP here for reduced admission

Wednesday, October 20th, Bond Music Group CMJ Showcase @ Le Bain, Standard Hotel:

More info here (no RSVP needed)


Thursday, October 21st, France Rocks NYC Social Club Party @ Hiro Ballroom:

RSVP here for free admission


Thursday, October 21st, Hype Machine I ‚̧ NY Party @ Backstage Bar:

RSVP here for free admission


– Retail DJ



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