Gimme Some More

14 Sep

L_cio, who is this week’s featured artist here at Retail DJ, just so happens to be participating in a remix contest, and I thought I’d give him a little boost in the votes! The remix is composed of several samples and pieces of Steve Lawler’s new track “Gimme Some More.” It’s been completely deconstructed and is now at the disposal of DJs to pick up the pieces. You can preview L_cio’s remix here:

L_cio remix – Gimme some more – 128kbps by L_cio

Visit the Steve Lawler Remix Contest site and vote for L_cio!


Speaking of L_cio, I want to take this time to send a very warm thank you to L_cio for being such a willing (and dilligent!) participant in the Retail DJ featured artist process. He was nice enough to share his music and part of himself for the Retail DJ readers, and happens to be quite on top of his game. As one of the most talented producers/DJs in Sao Paulo, it was great to have him on the site, and he will always have a home here at Retail DJ.

Also, special thanks to Mauricio Landini, the man responsible for all the photos for the artist feature! His work can be found here:

For more on L_cio, check him out here:

deepbeep | resident advisor | vimeo | youtube | myspace | facebook | soundcloud

– Retail DJ


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