Get Dressed to This: Lovely Layers

2 Aug

In this 6th installment of the special Get Dressed to This megapost leading up to the Retail DJ “Get Dressed for This” Showcase on Wednesday, I thought I’d focus on a favorite of mine in both music and fashion: layers.

In the fall, I love playing with proportion and layers to create a distorted effect – obscuring the body and bringing the focus entirely to the clothes, the many intricacies of each part of the outfit heightened by the fact that they came in folds, layers, and levels. With each movement–a turn here, a twist there–the outfit becomes reborn. The music I like is often the same way–heavily layered, that is. I like music that starts off simply then adds on itself until it’s something with far more depth than initially anticipated. Daft Punk’s Homework is a perfect example of this, with each song technically having so many within it thanks to the introduction of hidden beats and changes within the track. Solo’s recent mix via Jackmode does similar work, adding surprise details here and there to each minute of the mix, creating a layered effect of its own.

Without much further ado, jump into the fold, and Get Dressed to This:

The Music:

Solo- Jackmode July Mix 2010

SOLO – JACKMODE JULY MIX 2010 by Jackmode

 The Outfit:

1. Lamira Top, AllSaints Spitalfields, $130 USD

2. Hitch Mini Skirt (in Washed Black), AllSaints Spitalfields, $67 USD


side view

 3. Agatha Jacket, AllSaints Spitalfields, $95 USD

4. Cambodia Boot, Max Studio, $139 USD

– Retail DJ


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