Get Ready With Mark LaRush – The Photoshoot

15 Jul


When I first met Mark LaRush, I had a feeling he’d be the perfect for Retail DJ. With a casual yet refined style, Mark personifies what is now considered the standard for men’s wear that translates from the sidewalk to the club. His clothing choices for the shoot, both his before and after, could work in a variety of environments, and his sense of style goes beyond just stores, even though he incorporates the mainstream elements as well. With a pension for underground designers and specially-made pieces, Mark knows what’s up and isn’t afraid to show it.

For the photoshoot, Kristal and I met Mark at China 1, the East Village location of one of Mark’s several residencies, and watched him play dress up for the cameras. Now it’s your turn. Take a moment to come along and Get Ready With Mark LaRush:   


 I saw that when you came in, you were wearing a hat, looking pretty dapper, so I want to know a little more about your style. Can you describe it?
I think my style is whatever. One day, I look fly. Another day, I look like a bum—but I still look like a fly bum! [laughs]    

Explain “fly bum” for me! What does that entail?
Expensive clothes, but just a little dingy.  

Like you washed it too many times?
[laughs] Yeah, pretty much! 

Do you have any favorite brands?
I am a Buffalo Jeans fanatic. I have a lot of jeans. They all look alike too. They are very similar – all about the same color, but like one detail separating them from each other. They fit a little bit different. Sometimes, I buy a little looser or a little tighter, depending on how I want to dress.    

What about skinny jeans?
Um, no. What did Jay-Z say in the song? Something like, “no skinny jeans ‘cuz my knots won’t fit.” [laughs] He’s a comedian. [author’s note: from the song “Swagga Like Us.”]    

I’m not dissing anyone that wears them, but it’s not for me. I don’t have the legs and the ass cheeks for it. [laughs] 

You’ve gotta have the right “equipment.”
Right, if you’re gonna wear skinny jeans, you’ve gotta have a nice package. [laughs] 

Pun intended! What are some other brands you like?
Guess, American Apparel . . .  I like simple stuff. Everyone’s into Fendi and all that stuff, but that’s too flashy for me. I like to keep it simple. 

What about shoes?
I like my Adidas. I got these from a company that does custom-made designs.   

Anything else that’s custom?
Yeah. Sometimes, when I am spinning at different places, people will come up to me who want me to wear their stuff. Right now, I am wearing stuff from King NYC. I am their brand ambassador. They have t-shirts, jackets, everything. It’s a dope line. I’m working on my own t-shirt company as well.   

Is there a difference between how you dress when you are DJing vs. how you dress when you are just doing your own thing?
Nah, I think I dress pretty much the same. I’m not a flashy dude. I’m right in the middle. I can go out with the same gear that I wear on the street. I’m not too crazy, but it’s still ok and it fits.  

Is there anything specific that you have to keep in mind when getting dressed for a gig in terms of attire?
Yeah. Sometimes, you’ll play at a place that’s more upscale than others, so you have to dress the part. If it’s an upscale venue, you can’t roll up in there in baggy pants. For Flute Gramercy, I’ll wear a button down.  

How has your personal style changed?
My jeans are tighter. My shirts are definitely a lot tighter. Things just became more fitted. Baggy is just uncomfortable. As you get older, ya know . . .   

Yeah, you want to keep everything up.

Are there any trends out there you hate?
Honestly, I like all of it. I think it’s great that people express themselves using their clothes. The big glasses and the tight pants, scarves, all that. . . whatever they wear. I think that’s hot! I just think fashion is hot, period. Whatever your style is, just go for it.   

 – Retail DJ


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