I <3 Mondays: L-Vis 1990 Made Me Drop It Like It’s Hot

6 Jul
Bloody hell! It’s L-Vis 1990

Surprisingly, when I pressed play on the latest mix I had downloaded, I had the urge to drop it like it’s hot, get my eagle on, do a stanky leg . . . you get the idea.

Typically, dubstep compels more of a headbanger-esque reaction than a booty shaking one, but I suppose there’s just some magic in all that bass. Though of course, it could just be the supreme skill of the artist manning the mission, a producer and DJ whose namesake hasn’t yet risen from the dead, but whose talent must have certainly reincarted itself into the London-based DJ L-vis 1990 (pronounced “Elvis”).

Known primarily for his dubstep tracks, L-Vis 1990 takes the opportunity to keep expanding his horizons, so to speak, in his new mix for Numbers. This podcast is super dynamic, and includes an addictive loop of the Godzilla theme (which brings back memories of both destroyed Japanese skyscrapers and the beloved tune by Pharoah Monche.

My ears will never quite be the same.

Happy Monday Tuesday!

L-Vis 1990 – DJ Set @ Numbers Barcelona June 20 2010

(click to play; right click + save target as to download)

c/o Discobelle


– Retail DJ


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