Get Ready With Shomi Noise – The Photoshoot

19 Jun

After sitting down for an interview, Shomi Noise was nice enough to take some time from her schedule for us to photograph her. With Union Square as the backdrop and a vibrant wardrobe, Shomi Noise was the perfect subject. With a style that’s inspired by everyone from Interpol to drag queens, from the street to the runway, Shomi Noise channels style through several sources. Take a minute to read more about her style and don’t forget to look at the pictures too as we Get Ready With Shomi Noise!


I heard through the grapevine that you design your own clothes sometimes. Is that true?

Yeah, sometimes I modify stuff that I buy. I got this leather jacket and I thought, “Oh this would look really good if I studded it!” So I just wrote my name in the back. It took HOURS! [laughs] I had to sit there and put them on stud by stud. It looks pretty awesome. Sometimes, when I am bored or stressed, my roommate and I just sit down and do crafts. I’ve started to add little burgers or pizzas to t-shirts. I use felt and stitch random things together. Sometimes I just modify my clothes by cutting the hemline on a skirt, etc.

I’m really into fashion. I think it’s awesome.

How would your characterize your own style, at least, beyond just the cute, crafty stuff?

I am really into bright colors and interesting prints. I like prints. I like punk-y stuff. My style has changed a lot over the years, though now I mainly just identify as a “drag queen.” In the day-to-day, I kinda dress down, but when I go out or when I DJ, I like to put on fake eyelashes, a pretty bright outfit and get glamorous! [laughs]

false eyelashes

Drag queens are my favorite; I think they are the most fabulous people out there and I really admire them!

So how do you channel your inner drag queen? You mentioned fake eyelashes and some extra makeup, but what would be the quintessential Shomi Noise as Drag Queen look?

A headpiece! I just discovered headpieces this past year. I am going to try to explore wigs, maybe! [laughs] The problem with wigs is that they can get hot and itchy, especially in a club. That’s why I bow down to drag queens because it takes so much time to make yourself up and then to put a wig on and rock it! I’m just like, “Wooow!” But yeah, headpieces are awesome. Just having a giant flower on your head is just fun!

flowers on the brain

Being able to be outrageous and owning it, not feeling self conscious, and having the right attitude – that’s what’s important. To have a drag persona or be glamorous, you have to feel it from the inside first.

You have some interesting shoes that I’ve seen you wear. Can you tell us a little about those?

Creepers! Yeah, I got really into creepers. I think around mid-2008, for the fall 2009 collection at London Fashion Week by Armand Basi. He brought them back. Creepers have been around forever, since the 50s, then the punks started wearing them. Basi brought them back, at least for the fashion world, with models wearing Creepers with tube socks pulled down with skirts . . . It just looked awesome, and I thought, “I need to get Creepers!” So I started wearing them. I have a pair that’s black and white and an old black pair, but I’ve gone through so many! I wear them so much.


So that’s how I got into the Creeper. They make you feel good and are super comfortable. They also make you look taller because of the platform. My mom’s always like, “Why are you wearing those Frankenstein shoes?” [laughs]

Is your style really different from your family’s?

Yeah! [laughs] My sister tends to wear very professional, proper, lady clothes. [laughs] My mother is a bit all over the place. She is not really into fashion or style.

Are there any trends you hate?

I just so happened to be walking to my friend’s job and I saw Karl Lagerfeld taking pictures for the Chanel Fall 2010 collection, and it was HORRIBLE [laughs] There was all this fur and lots of brown tones. Brown is NOT my color, so I was not into it, but I noticed that a lot of the trends for fall 2010 involve earth tones and army style. I hate that!

I’ve always been into bright colors and interesting designs. I love Alexander McQueen, and my roommate and I were devastated when we found out he had passed away. I think what he was doing was awesome. I really like things that push the envelope or bring things to the next level. I am into work that challenges the norm and turns everything upside down.

Are there any things you have to keep in mind when you’re putting together an outfit to DJ in?

Yes. Headpieces are awesome, but they don’t work so well with headphones! [laughs] I’ve actually broken a pair of headphones because of a headpiece! With shoes, it’s always better to look taller. Bracelets can get dangerous in terms of moving knobs. Aside from that, I obviously wouldn’t wear giant gloves to DJ! [laughs] Other than that,  it’s pretty open.

In your opinion, how do fashion and music intersect in your life?

I think they go hand in hand. Even rock ‘n’ roll, or beyond that, it’s always been about putting together an image with a sound. I think that’s why fashion is so important in terms of music. It’s also a great way to express yourself. Music and fashion are the way to go if you’re trying to make a statement.


What about the process of getting ready? What is that like for you?

I have to figure out what I am going to wear. Sometimes, I just do whatever. Recently, I decided to just put on a tie. I looked like one of the member of Interpol! [laughs] But sometimes when I want to get really decked out, I am less random, and I have to find the right outfit, the right shoes to go with the outfit, etc. I have to figure out what type of makeup I want to put on. . . it takes forever. So usually if I am going to go out, I start getting ready around 7 o’clock, and I don’t leave the house until like 10:30! [laughs] It takes a while, especially when I’m being a “drag queen.”

Do you have a specific order you follow?

Well, usually it involves picking the outfit and putting that aside. Showering is important. [laughs] Then I will do my makeup, which takes the longest, then put on the outfit, the shoes, then I’m out the door.

Any favorite brands?

For lipstick and eye stuff, I’ll use whatever, but for makeup, I use Bare Minerals by Bare Escentuals. It’s good for the skin. My hair is very difficult, so I use John Frieda’s Anti-Frizz Serum. My hair is very thick and has a lot of volume, so I am always trying to tame it. It always depends on where my hair is, length-wise. Right now it’s growing out, and I am trying to come to terms with it! [laughs] But sometimes, when it’s shorter, I’ll put a little bit more product to make it easier to manage.

Do you ever listen to music when you get ready?

Yessss! I always have to listen to music. I really like music that is energetic and that pumps me up. I can’t play soft music when I am about to go out. Otherwise, I will just get bored and want to go to sleep, so I have to play something really fast with a high BPM.

What about the process of getting ready when you’re about to DJ? Is that process different?

Oh yeah! I have to put even more time aside just to make sure that I have all of my gear and that everything is packed. I’ve had moments where I’ve forgotten cables. It’s horrible! So you have to have a checklist that you review, check, and double check to make sure everything’s in there.

I had an anxiety dream the other day actually that I was running late and left the house having forgotten my laptop.

Let’s hope you’re not psychic!

I know!!! It sucks when it rains too. You have to cover everything and make sure nothing gets wet. It’s definitely a different, longer process.

Do you have a special bag or case you put everything in?

No. Right now, I have a bookbag with a Lil Kim patch on it. [laughs]

Is she another music idol of yours?

Yes, I love her.

She is a bit like a drag queen in her own way.

Yeah, she totally is. I don’t like much of her new stuff, but I was really into her work back in the day—her Junior Mafia days. She also did a little tooo much with the plastic surgery. It’s like, “Giiiirrrrl, where’s your face in there?” [laughs]

I think Nicki Minaj is the next big female rapper. A lot of people are saying that. She’s also really feminist, at least in interviews she gives. That’s pretty empowering as well.

Any final thoughts on getting ready for the readers?

I say just be fabulous, be confident, and love yourself. Our culture does not push self love very much. It’s not even there. We live in a culture of self-hatred. I think that people should start loving themselves and being good to themselves. That’s my advice for everyone.

– Retail DJ


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