Lady Gaga – Alejandro

8 Jun

photo from Alexander McQueen's Fall 2009 Show

This video for Lady Gaga’ “Alejandro,” lives up the usual: beautiful, creative, period-style costuming with a twist, suggestive dance moves, and a dark theme surrounding sex and unhealthy relationships with other human beings. The song sounds *quite a lot* like Ace of Base’s “The Sign,” and makes me think more of some cabana boy named Alejandro than the military men she has in the video, but . . . whatever. It doesn’t matter at all when you look at the video on the basis of aesthetics. The haircuts almost become a character of their own (which is like a short film at its 8 minutes 43 seconds time frame). There’s a lot of play with darkness and light, geometry, and bits of red. Most of the video actually reminds me of Alexander MxQueen’s fashion week show for fall 2009. Maybe THAT’s the true Alejandro? Anyway, enough talking. Check it out for yourself:

– Retail DJ


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