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Get Dressed to This: Vaiiiii Brasil!!!!

30 Jun

Ok, ok, the US may have gotten knocked out, but that by no means signifies the end of the hung soccer fervor that is (slowly, but surely) sweeping the nation. While I fully backed Portugal, they too, are out, so for me, there is only the ultimate, all-time favorite left: Brazil.

They could have uniforms made of heavy chain mail and probably still lay the smack down on the field. They are the Lakers of futebol, the Rolling Stones of Copa. You can’t help but love them, and I love them by default just from being such a Brazil enthusiast.

I have covered some fancier World Cup (non-jersey) wares before, but now I have put together a simple, yet fun outfit for cheering by day, then going to the afterparty and getting down até o chão by night. Considering that my initial approach to thinking about World Cup fan gear was different, so is the way I think of the music to get me pumped for it. I love funk carioca/baile funk and cover it non-stop here on Retail DJ, but what I really appreciate is an artist who has the ability to take funk carioca, which is simple in form, and turn it into something beautiful and interesting.

Beyond those whom I have highlighted before, one such artist is Kassiano, who is well-known in NYC for his “I ❤ Baile Funk” party revolution (which he took on with DJ Sujinho) that was popular a few years back, and in more recent years, his work with local NYC via Brazil acts like Zuzuka Poderosa and even more mainstream acts like Li’l Jon and Pitbull. His newest mix includes funk carioca favorites, but also plenty of other styles to keep even those who are not majorly into funk carioca with their ears open (seriously – he manages to work Li’l Jon, Manu Chao, Rye Rye, Oliver $, and Riva Starr into the same mix with all the funk carioca….nuts).

Without further ado, Get Dressed to This (caution: may cause involuntary booty popping):

The Music:

Kassiano – Kopa Mix


(click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download)

The Outift:

1. Cutout Knit Dress, Forever 21, $18 USD

2. Stockholm Yellow and White French Messenger, Ikabags via Etsy, $39 USD

3. Matiko Nicki Peep-Toe Wedge (in nude), Urban Outfitters, $148 USD


4. Green Hoop Earrings, Lands’ End, $22 USD

For your reference:

Kassiano on MySpace

Nossa Website

Nossa Soundcloud

– Retal DJ 


Retail DJ June Podcast

30 Jun

For the Retail DJ June Podcast, I wanted to include tracks that would make you dance, but also music that was mellow enough to listen to as you attempt to cool down despite the ridiculous summer heat. It’s without a doubt a serious mix, with very little room for lighter tracks, but I included a few playful moments just to keep you all entertained. Play it loud, play it proud, and enjoy!

Retail DJ June Podcast

Retail DJ June Podcast by RetailDJ

click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download


Cassius – Hey Babe
Hercules & Love Affair (feat. Nomi Ruiz) – You Belong
Erik Hassle – Alors on Danse
Toro Y Moi – Left Alone at Night (Pink Skull Remix)
Monarchy – Love Get Out of My Way (Holy Ghost remix feat. Dixon)
Mix Chopin – Ecliptic
Femme En Fourrure – Dirty Blonde (Drop the Lime Remix)
Chernobyl – Empina a Pipa (feat. MC Gi & Cabal)
Moodymann – Freaky Mother Fucker (Chaos In the CBD & Tom Lawson Bootleg)
Cloud – Turning
Thieves Like Us – Shyness
Isa GT – Pa’las Mamasitas (Daniel Haaksman Remix)
Matt Van Schie – Be My Lady (Hemingway’s Beach Bossa Mix)
Holiday for Strings -Two of You (Dance Mix)
Louis La Roche – Missing You (feat. Ad-Apt)
Näääk, Nimo, Rusiak & Adiam – Hur Hogt
Amanda Blank – DJ
Das Glow – Vulcanice
Robyn – Dancing On My Own (J-Wow (of Buraka Som Sistema) Remix)

For Your Reference:

Retail DJ Soundcloud Page

Retail DJ Podcast Page

– Retail DJ

Retail DJ January Podcast

29 Jun

The first of a much bigger set, this Retail DJ January Podcast pulls from the original January tracklist and is full of house, breaks, electropop, and even a little rock. Enjoy!

Retail DJ January Podcast

click to play; click the small arrow on the right to download


Retail DJ – Introduction
Azari & III – Hungry for the Power
Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane Remix feat. Au Revoir Simone)
Penguin Prison – A Funny Thing (Monarchy Remix)
Calvin Harris – Love for You
Private – My Secret Lover (Lifelike Remix)
Cajmere (feat. Dajae) – Brighter Days (Mercury Edit)
Scott Cooper (w/ Edu K feat. Leila) – Crank It
Libby of Lazerbitch (feat. Claire Hux) – Music You (Original Mix)
Primary 1 & Riton – Radiates
Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Starsmith Remix (feat. Ellie Goulding)
VEGA – Well Known Pleasures (Original Mix)
Voices of Life (feat. Sharon Pass) – Word Is Love (Mercury Edit)
The Ting Tings – Great DJ (Calvin Harris Remix)
The XX – Basic Space

For your reference:

Retail DJ Soundcloud Page

Retail DJ Podcast Page

Original Retail DJ January Tracklist Post

Retail DJ Podcast!

29 Jun

Many of you have complained whenever I put up a Retail DJ Tracklist, only having to take down the songs a month later because I didn’t have enough storage space. Let’s just say I’ve found a solution, and I am more than happy to share it with you.

While it’s a long time coming, the Retail DJ Podcast was always in the back of my mind as a goal for the site. Now it’s been realized. That’s right –your favorite tracks, exclusive mixes, and interviews can be found on the Retail DJ Podcast!

Considering the first few tracklists were only available for temporary download, I have gone backwards, beginning with my January tracklist, which I put in an order that made more sonic sense and put together in the first ever Retail DJ Podcast, but never fear! February, March, April, and May tracklists will also have their day very soon, as will some of the Now Playing tracklists.

As per everything else on this site, the Retail DJ Podcast is free and can be played or downloaded here or on the Retail DJ Soundcloud page. I hope you enjoy the podcasts as much as I enjoy making them.

– Retail DJ

Last Week for the Retail DJ May Tracklist

28 Jun

The clock is ticking, folks, so get to downloading! The June tracklist will be up soon, so this is the last week for the Retail DJ May Tracklist. Be sure to get it now before it’s too late!!!

Retail DJ May Tracklist: Lost

– Retail DJ

I <3 Mondays: Todd Edwards

27 Jun

This afternoon (which is when I woke up; considering all the partying I have done this week and weekend, I needed a nice, solid sleep), I literally screamed with joy when I saw that the newest XLR8R podcast was featuring New Jersey-born DJ Todd Edwards. He is basically a god within the UK garage scene, even though he’s US-born and bred (how’s that for stickin’ it to the man?). I’ve been in love with his jumpy, biccup-y, breaks-meets-garage-style music for some time now and was thrilled to see I’d have an hour of him to myself.

But I went to Montessori school, so I know the fundamental principles of giving to and sharing with others, and couldn’t let my readers down. For those of you who have not heard of Todd Edwards, be ready for a treat. This music, filled with fun remixes of everything from classic rock to pop and soul will make your Monday, I promise.

Todd Edwards – XLR8R Podcast no. 147

(click to play; right click + save as to download)

tracklist after the jump

For your reference:

Todd Edwards’ MySpace Page

Todd Edwards Piece in XLR8R

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Mix On Tap: Shaken Not Stirred

26 Jun

This entire week, I’ve had one mix on repeat for every single night-time outing. It’s full of bass, Portuguese, foul language, and a ton of solid beats. The genre? Funk Carioca, of course.

It’s the staple sound that I always go back to when I need energy to go out after a long day’s work or a weekend’s worth of dancing. Daniel Haaksman’s “Funk Legal” mix is the perfect combo for folks from baile funk beginners to those who have been listening to it for years as it includes some old favorites and well known names in the scene like Deize Tigrona, among many others.

The standout tracks for me is Deize Tigrona’s “Dança  Neguinha,” which is about a woman who needs to take a little more control (“Pega no chicote!” Deize taunts, which means “Grab the whip” in Portuguese) and have fun on the dancefloor, an oddly amusing funk remix of the Austin Powers theme song, and “O Som do James Brown,” a baile funk take on the master himself. Go figure.

Anyway, I’ll let the mix speak for itself. While you’re listening, shake up a little mix of your own by taking it back old school with a classic martini.

The Music:

Daniel Haaksman – Funk Legal

Daniel Haaksman – FUNK LEGAL by Daniel Haaksman / Man Rec

The Drink:

Classic Martini

1 part Gin or Vodka
1 part Dry Vermouth
1 cup Ice

shake. strain. pour. party

– Retail DJ

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