Breaking My Silence for a Shoutout – Bootie Brooklyn!

30 May

I am technically on “vacation” and not supposed to be blogging, but I couldn’t help myself. I had to break my silence to give a shoutout. I had the fortune of experiencing the first ever Bootie Brooklyn party, and boyyyy was it fun. Seriously. Actual fun! The crowd danced, sang along, and broke it down old school style to the musical art of mashup! The founders (DJs Adrian and Mysterious D) were in the house as was the video mashup master DJ Faroff from Brazil! I got the chance to meet Mysterious D and Faroff, and they were both incredibly nice and down to earth. The vibe was good from the start and, thanks to the incredible music, stayed that way until the end of the night.

If you are lucky enough to be in NYC, San Francisco, Rio, Boston, and/or zillions of other cities around the world (the full list is here), check them out. The party will bring you back to your childhood, adolescence,and then some and is definitely worth dropping in and getting down.

– Retail DJ


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