Recovery Mode

23 May

Toronto's Finest: Azari & III

Recovery Mode: the phrase used to describe the state yours truly is in after my rockstar-style night at Public Assembly. The Toronto-based DJ duo Azari & III (Azari and “Third”) played last night at the Williamsburg dance space, leaving me a very happy woman. Their set, while mellow in parts, was well-paced and dance-inducing like no other. They even dropped a musical gem from A Clockwork Orange  (“Funeral of Queen Mary”) in between tracks, which I recognized right away as the soundtrack of the opening scene where Alex meets up with his droogs at the Korova Milk Bar, sipping on milk plus velocet and wondering what sort of ultraviolence he could get into for the night. On top of all this, I met DJ Marcos Cabral (half of Runaway and purveyor of the fine music at the other night’s Wolf + Lamb party)!

For those of you who couldn’t attend, here’s a little taste of Azari & III by way of incredible Brazilian music site They host an electronic music podcast that’s definitely worth checking out. In the meantime, check out the podcast with Azari & III as their guests:

Azari & III – Frisson, Podcast

(follow the ink to play or download)

I had my own “milk plus,” if you will, thanks to the Public Assembly bartender who made my drinks so strong I confused them with cups of straight poison. Nevertheless, they led to an enjoyable night that ended with my having lost my ability to speak English entirely, only to be replaced by Portuguese–which I spoke to EVERYONE whether they understood or not. I guess we all have a right to have our Lohan nights here and there, right?

I also stopped into the Rumours party right above Public Assembly, which is run by the one and only DJ Tanner, who will be featured here on Retail DJ very soon, so stay posted!

– Retail DJ


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