Miami Bass in Your Face

5 May

DJ Overdose

Last night, I came across a fantastic mix by DJ Overdose at the Fact Magazine site. The UK based music mag had the pleasure of hearing this mix first by the Netherlands-based turntable wonder, but I couldn’t let them get greedy. Here, have a taste for yourself:

DJ Overdose – Fact Mix 145

FACT mix 145 – DJ Overdose (Apr 09) by RetailDJ

For those of you who are hip hop heads, b-boys and girls, and/or into old school freestyle and Miami bass, this is surely something you’ll want to bump anywhere from your ipod to your car speakers, for old times’ sake.

You can’t go wrong with a tracklist like this:

1. lisa lisa and the cult jam – i wonder if i take you home
2. daniel sofer – rhythm rock rap
3. agallah – club hoppin’
4. dj overdose – know who you are
5. 2 live crew – what i like
6. safire – let me be the one (dub beats)
7. p-funk all stars – hydraulic pump
8. break machine – breakdance party
9. C.O.D. –  in the bottle
10. ciara – 1′2 step
11. shannon – give me tonight (dub)
12. sparky d vs the playgirls – the battle
13. ice t – body rock
14. eric b and rakim – my melody
15. just ice – booga bandit bitch
16. the b boys – stick up kids
17. sir mix-a-lot – gortex
18. stetsasonic – bust that groove
19. fat boys – big and beautifull (dubapella/instrumental)
20. geto boys – my minds playing tricks on me (dirty)
21. krs-one – 13 and good
22. kool g rap – on the run (dirty untouchable version)
23. geto boys – city under siege

– Retail DJ


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