Retail DJ Wants You!

4 May

That’s right. Retail DJ wants you, and hard.

Considering my workload and the simple fact that I also have 2 day jobs on top of this site, I am beginning to be forced to schedule in water and breathing breaks. That being said, I need an intern or two.

If you or anyone you know is interested in interning for Retail DJ, please let me know!

Here’s the run-down . . .

Retail DJ is looking for interns!

About Retail DJ: This site is about incorporating you into the infinite pairing of music and fashion. A love story for the ears and eyes, Retail DJ profiles mixes that can serve as the soundtrack to your life, introduces you to DJs and designers you should know, and lets you peek into the closets of the unique and talented.

Retail DJ profiles DJs (mainly of the electronica, hip hop, and dance genres) and innovative designers. Retail DJ promotes up and coming musicians, DJs, and designers, but also profiles what’s new and hot in music and fashion in general, with a specific interest in the power of music to be the soundtrack of one’s life.

Retail DJ is looking for an intern to become an integral part (meaning you will be doing fun cool things and not schlepping all over town on coffee and errand runs) of the team, which presently consists of the Editor and the Photographer. The intern should be well-versed in music and fashion, though not in the sense that he or she is simply regurgitating trends that are already out. Retail DJ is looking for someone who is creative and who has a good eye and ear for the aforementioned. While someone who has a genuine interest in electronic music and its related genre offshoots is preferable, that is not an absolute requirement, and love for music period would be great. This is a great opportunity for students looking to enter the fields of music business, fashion/design, writing/journalism, photography/visual art, and marketing/advertising, but the opportunity is certainly not limited to students who have decided on those fields as part of their concentration/course of study.

The intern would be responsible for doing the following:

1. assisting with content for the site (i.e. occasionally will be asked to submit original content, i.e. an album or track review, previewing a new mix, etc)

2. transcribing parts of interviews and/or checking previous transcriptions of interviews prior to their publication

3. regularly checking other music / fashion sites, magazines, podcasts, and other media sources for new content to review

4. assisting with the interview process (i.e. going on photoshoots, writing interview questions, etc)

5. promoting the site via social networking outlets (i.e. helping add content to the site’s myspace, facebook, and twitter pages)

6. conducting interview follow-up (i.e. staying in touch with the artists in order to help promote their new projects on the site, etc)

7. regularly checking-in regarding the aforementioned work, and occasionally attending brainstorming live brainstorming meetings with Editor and Photographer

People with excellent writing, photography, and/or web design skills are strongly encouraged to apply. IF the intern has photography experience as well as an SLR model camera, he or she may be allowed to photograph subjects during interviews following a review of his/her previous work. Also, any interns with prior DJ, promotions, marketing, and/or party planning experience are also encouraged to apply.

The intern should be organized, outgoing, forward-thinking, and committed to the proliferation of creativity as expressed through music and fashion.

This is a non-paying internship. College credit can be given once arranged with the intern’s college/university if requested.

In order to apply, please email a cover letter and resume to Wendi Muse, Editor:


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