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Last Day to Get the Retail DJ April Tracklist

31 May

Act fast, folks: Retail DJ April Tracklist

and don’t forget to download the May Tracklist as well!

– Retail DJ


Breaking My Silence for a Shoutout – Bootie Brooklyn!

30 May

I am technically on “vacation” and not supposed to be blogging, but I couldn’t help myself. I had to break my silence to give a shoutout. I had the fortune of experiencing the first ever Bootie Brooklyn party, and boyyyy was it fun. Seriously. Actual fun! The crowd danced, sang along, and broke it down old school style to the musical art of mashup! The founders (DJs Adrian and Mysterious D) were in the house as was the video mashup master DJ Faroff from Brazil! I got the chance to meet Mysterious D and Faroff, and they were both incredibly nice and down to earth. The vibe was good from the start and, thanks to the incredible music, stayed that way until the end of the night.

If you are lucky enough to be in NYC, San Francisco, Rio, Boston, and/or zillions of other cities around the world (the full list is here), check them out. The party will bring you back to your childhood, adolescence,and then some and is definitely worth dropping in and getting down.

– Retail DJ

Retail DJ May Tracklist: Lost

29 May

Lost, the infamously puzzling, cryptic, and overly dramatic television (that I admit to have loved) is over. What I will do in the meantime to seek complete, televised fulfillment, I am not sure, but I know that music always makes everything better. That’s why this tracklist, Retail DJ’s 5th, has all to do with Lost.

See the tracklist below and follow along! Also, just as an FYI, if you download all of these, set the crossfader on your iTunes to 7 to 8 seconds, and play them in order, it all flows pretty well. As per usual, click to play, click the small arrow to download. Enjoy!

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Friday Fashion Fail: Frankenstein

28 May

If Frankenstein became a disco go-go dancer in a pre-historic club, this is what his shoes would look like. Why, Jeffrey Campbell, why?

Jeffrey Campbell "Roks" Wedge

The price? $148. The amount of money spent of hospital bills from falling in these suckers? $5000. The fact that NOT buying these can save you years of medical care and embarrassment? Priceless.

– Retail DJ


28 May

This time around, I have a three-day weekend thanks to Memorial Day. In light of this extra day, I will be doing some site updates, interviews, and odds and ends cleanup around Retail DJ. That said, there will not be any posts until late Monday night and the Retail DJ Tracklist, which is going up later today.

In the meantime, play around the site and download away!

– Retail DJ

Special Event: Bootie Brooklyn!

28 May

The “Bootie” parties have become a worldwide sensation, and Public Assembly is fortunate enough to be hosting the first ever Bootie Brooklyn! I am super excited about this, mainly because a) I heard about it first through DJ Leo Justi (who will be playing for the Rio branch of the party, Bootie Rio, June 11th), and b) I caught wind of an amazing mix that the Bootie Rio crew posted on their SoundCloud page. I’ve included the tracklist ABOVE the jump this time so readers can get a good sense of all the hard work that goes into putting together a set like this. Beatmatching is one thing, but keymatching, melodymatching, and mixing are quite another.

This mix, which was done by Brazilian DJs André Paste, Leo Justi, Faroff,  Brutal Redneck,, Lucio K and João Brasil, gets to all the fans–from folks who like rock and roll, to rap, to funk carioca, to electronica; there’s something there for any and everyone. I am truly impressed.

BEST OF BOOTIE RIO 1 by bootierio


1 – House of Pain vs Amsterdam Klezmer Band vs Pa Brapad – House of Klezmer (FAROFF)
2 – Get pet – get back beatles vs. é o pet – João Brasil
3 – Missy Elliott ft. Dança do Canguru – Canguru Gossip Folks (remix mashup by Leo Justi)
4 – Daft Punk vs MC Colibri – Colibri around the world (André Paste
5 – Lady Gaga vs Chico Science – Gaga Science (Brutal Redneck)
6 – Beatles vs Amy Winehouse – Come Together good (DJ LK)
7 – Marvin Gaye vs Nirvana – I heard it through the Kurt (Brutal Redneck)
8 – Tira a camisa and clap your hands (André Paste)
9 – Seven Tapinhas (André Paste)
10 – The Beatles vs LCD Soundsystem vs The Kinks – The Brits are playing at my house (FAROFF)
11 – Los Lobos vs Radiohead – Creep Bamba (Brutal Redneck)
12 – Metaleiras da Amazônia vs Nirvana – Lambada Teen Spirit (DJ LK)
13 – Louca por humps – Calypso vs Black Eyed Peas – João Brasil
14 – Tchau toy – João Brasil – La Roux – I’m not your toy X Banda Calypso – Tchau para você – João Brasil
15 – Metallica vs Bob Marley – Sandman Jamming (DJ LK Mashup)
16 – Nirvana vs Dead or Alive – Spins Like Teen Spirit (FAROFF)


Faroff will be here for the Brooklyn edition spinning an ALL-VIDEO mashup (amazing!), so DO NOT MISS IT!!!

Bootie Brooklyn @ Public Assembly, featuring DJs Faroff, DJ Adrian + Mysterious D (aka Plus D) [the latter are the Bootie party founders!]

5/29, Front Room, 10 pm
$5 before 11pm w/RSVP:
$10 after
free Bootie Brooklyn mashup CDs to the first 100 people!

Mix On Tap: CaipiRio . . .

28 May

I love caipirinhas (kai-pee-reen-yahz) as much as the next person, but sometimes they are a little too strong for me. Cachaça, which is one of the staple alcohols in Brazil (think rum is to the Caribbean and tequila is to Mexico as cachaca is to Brazil), tastes a bit like tires or rubbing alcohol on its own. It’s so strong in fact that many mineiros (people who live in the state of Minas Gerais, where the bulk of the cachaça is produced) cut the flavor by chasing shots of it with a dry cheese or by adding honey.

So while living in Brazil, I became a bigger fan of Caipiroskas, which is a caipirinha with vodka replacing the cachaça. Here’s a video by Grey Goose showing you how to make a flavored caipiroska using their citron vodka:

But just to be clear, I don’t want to lose anyone with the title of this post. It’s actually a little homage to the hometown of one of the DJs who will be featured here very very soon. I’ve included a mix below from none other than Leo(nardo) Justi, whose work I have featured before, but from whom there is plenty more to check out. This mix is the perfect way to start your weekend, so drink up, press play, and have a happy Friday:

Leo Justi Mixtape #1

(click to play / click the small arrow on the right to download)

– Retail DJ

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