Get Dressed to This: Outer Space

30 Apr

This morning, during my commute to work (which, as of late, has been the only time I have had to review music for this site . . . sigh), I came across a mix that just made me think of space. It could be because I was watching Danny Boyle’s highly underrated film Sunshine, which is about a spaceship crew that is burdened with the task of saving the Earth from utter obliteration by reviving the dying sun. But I also think it has something to do with the mere fact that I spend so much time packed into small spaces. Nothing is vast, and everything that happens in my life seems to take place in small spaces, inches away from someone else’s armpit or centimeters below someone’s magazine. It’s all in context really, but when I think about day to day existence, particularly with the coming of higher temperatures, I think of tightly packed subterranean suffocation and the need to break from that, the relief of being above ground, and the dream of floating in the vast openness of the sky.

When I was little, I had the occupational dream of being an astronaut, though mainly because of the fashionable uniform and the prospect of eating space ice cream on a regular basis. Between then and now, my job desires have shifted quite drastically, but my interest in metallic wares remained in tact. On that note, I present to you this week’s Get Dressed to This feature. The music is a mix by London-based DJ Stopmakingme that has been making its rounds on the blogs. I chose it because something about it screams “space robot” like no other, making it one of the most fitting choices for the futuristic, borderline-spacegear ensemble I’ve put together for this post. Enjoy!

the music:

Stopmakingme – Mix for Dummy Magazine
Stopmakingme – Dummy Mix 27 (March 2010)bystopmakingme

the outfit:

1. Shoes: Karim Rashid for Melissa in Pewter, $104 USD


2. Dress: Endecott Dress (in black) by Kimberly Ovitz, $415 USD


One Response to “Get Dressed to This: Outer Space”

  1. Laura C May 4, 2010 at 8:16 am #

    heart those earrings

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