Please Bring Back the Pants

29 Apr

Leggings =/= Pants

I love leggings as much as the next girl, but I certainly don’t consider them legitimate options for full coverage legwear a la pants. The folks over at Jezebel have long-remarked on the phenomenon now known as “leggings as pants,” and its related glance atrocities (aka random acts of violence committed to the onlooker upon observing one wearing leggings at pants), but I didn’t realize what a serious fashion faux-pas it was until I returned to the States. At the time of the trend’s initial takeoff, I was in Brazil, where it’s more like “pants as leggings” (aka the lady jeans are often so tight they cut off circulation). What I referred to as the “anorexo-jean” (meaning it’s so skinny that it looks like the jeans are starving themselves) are still a more favorable alternative in my opinion to the leggings as pants craze because at least there is SOME structure, some semblance of the things actually being meant to worn as a clothing item and not a legccessory a la stockings. But in NYC, it’s really gotten a bit out of control.

While in Union Square yesterday, I saw a woman wearing hosiery as pants. She literally just had on stockings with some design and a shirt barely long enough to cover the bottom cheeks of her butt. Mind you, it was less than 60 degrees outside, cloudy, and certainly cold enough to, I don’t know, considering wearing actual bottoms. Nevertheless, people insist on wearing this gear at all times of the day, during all seasons; and at the risk of sounding old, I am really tired of it and find that it cheapens the clothing experience. Not only that, it allows stores to unreasonably markup spandex like nobody’s business. Leggings should, at most, be $5 or sold in packs of three for less than $15. Now one pair can go for $30 or more, which is.just.nuts. Leggings are good for working out, but they also happen to make everyone’s body look like some sort of colossal, bendy-flexi accident. I often see far more of the human anatomy than necessary thanks to these little things, which are meant to worn UNDER clothes, not as them.

I don’t blame one particularly celebrity or even fashion reporter, because I recognize that, for the time being, comfort is king. Women are liberated, so they now have the right to say good bye to all the bullshit garters and corsets and nutty restrictions oft-placed on their bodies for the sake of “fashion” or, in other words, devices to keep them pretty and incapable of movement lest they become too rebellious. Yet somewhere in there, we just let go all together. Now in NYC, a major epicenter of the greater conglomerate known as “the fashion world,” consumers are just letting me down. I want people to go back to wearing interesting clothes instead of looking like they just rolled out of bed. There are even ways to keep down costs and look amazing with a limited wardrobe (see all my thoughts on the “uniform” idea as a means of both environmental sustainability and personal bank account responsibility).

This is a call to all my readers and their friends to bring back the beauty to NYC. It doesn’t have to cost a lot and it certainly doesn’t require a lot of time, it just means putting the leggings away and maybe picking up a pinch of creativity.

– Retail DJ


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