S.I. Futures – “We Are Not a Rock Band”

25 Apr

When I was younger, I used to watch MTV’s AMP, a show that profiled electronic music acts’ amazing videos. It not only helped fuel my love of electronica, but also happened to be visually stimulating. Most videos nowadays are total crap and entirely predictable, as they were then as well. So it was nice to see something different on the screen that appropriately matched the quite varied nature of electronic music to begin with, especially in its departure from the sounds we were used to typically hearing.

One such group whose video I recalled seeing once on AMP was S.I. Futures, whose most well-known single “We Are Not a Rock Band” compelled me to buy their full album (which was actually pretty good!). Does anyone else remember this?


Reminds me a bit of Gattica . . .

– Retail DJ


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