Get Dressed To This: That’s Baile-rina to You

1 Apr

Recently, I was thinking about trends that had somehow outlasted their own expiration date, and for the better. One such trend is inspiration from ballet and dance. Ultra-feminine, yet equally functional, ballet-style clothing is perfect for spring, and not in a way that’s overly cliche. If anything, the style leaves enough room for one to make it her own, which is exactly what I decided to do with this week’s “Get Dressed to This.”

Though in this case, I’m not thinking of the prim and proper ballerina. Instead, I’ve got a party girl in mind, a baile-rina, if you will. The term “baile” in Brazil is Portuguese for a dance, though it’s more often than not used to refer to the huge dance parties that involve a heavy Miami bass-influenced genre called “Funk,” and more specifically, “Funk Carioca” (Carioca being the term used to refer to people from Rio). In the States, it’s known as “baile funk” and at one point had become a big part of the dance scene here, as it connected us to our past but also our parallel selves a few countries away in another hemisphere.

The mix this week comes to us by way of the ever-talented Alexander Technique, whose set for Ultra Music Festival Radio actually involves quite a bit of one of my favorite Brazilian dance music genres, the funk from the bailes that I just mentioned. For more examples, check out Gaiola Das Popozudas, Deize Tigrona, or Mulher Moranguinho, just to name a few of the current hitmakers. Anyway, press play and make sure you’re well-hydrated because this is a mix that will definitely prepare you for a loooong night out.

the music:

the outfit:

1. Lauren Moshi Whitney Bow Ruffle Tank Dress in Ballet Pink, Boutique to You, $118 USD

2. Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon in Beige, Zappos Couture, $154 USD

3. Studly Studs Black Moustache Stud Earrings, Isette’s store on Etsy, $9 USD

4. Black Sheer Footless Tights, Urban Outfitters, $12 USD

5.Splendid Supima Slub Cardi, National Jean Company, $70 USD

– Retail DJ


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