Get Ready With Drlkt Freddie – The Photoshoot

31 Mar

While talking to Drlkt Freddie at BEast, we learned quite a lot about what makes the dynamic duo tick. We also got an inside peak into their wardrobes as they were nice enough to do more than just drop beats. With us, they got a little derelict and dropped trou. Check out what Jad and Van are working with and Get Ready With Drlkt Freddie!


What are you wearing today and how do you typically style yourselves?
Jad: I live in SoHo, so I am surrounded by interesting boutiques. Today I was wearing jeans from G-Star. I like their classic bootcut. I don’t mess with anything else.

[then at the urging of the DJ, we end up singing along to Terence Trent D’Arby]

The first shirt is by Future Relics. The image is of an Uzi being dismantled. The second shirt was designed by a Japanese photographer. I purchased it at Uniqlo. I’m wearing Playboy underwear [laughs]. The white jeans are by Uniqlo. The shoes are Nike Signature Paul Rods (Roriguez).

The suitcase is an SKB. This thing’s been around the world. It’s been to Spain, it’s been to Japan. It’s been everywhere. It’s actually a weapons case.

Yeah, I was wondering about that. We thought you were maybe bringing drugs or money to the shoot!
Jad: Yeah, I use this case for equipment because it’s almost indestructible, so it’s good for my laptop and all the other shit. It’s an all-around good DJ kit case. Especially because in the past, I used to have to carry coffins, which is two turntables and almost 200 lbs. But now I can put everything I need to DJ in this case and we’re good to go.

The keyboard is standard issue M-Audio.

Any special products you used during the shoot?
We both use Sachajuan One Ocean Mist. It’s for the hair. It’s great because it gives you natural, beach feel.

What about when you’re not doing photoshoots? Is this your typical outfit, jeans and a cool t-shirt, or is this only what you wear when you DJ?
I like to wear print shirts. I’m obviously more into streetwear. I’m into basics, denim. I like skater shoes. It’s funny with the skater shoes—I used to be a skater. I did a short run, stuff here and there, until I broke my knees, then never again! [laughs] There are always these heads that approach me and they want to talk. I went to a restaurant one time—I don’t know what I was wearing, some skate shoes—and the guy and I got into shoes, and showed me to this really nice table and was like, “first drink on the house.” [laughs]

I like things that are loose. .. I can’t really wear the slim-fitted looks because, unfortunately, I don’t really have the body type. I’m pretty stout.

I appreciate that, especially considering that most of the people whom we interview, and just our overall message on the site. . . you should dress to fit your body.
Jad: I do martial arts, so I have kind of a stout body type. I can’t really fit very skinny jeans and stuff.

And what about you, Van? You ARE wearing skinny jeans. Where did they come from, and what about the rest of your outfit?
Van: Well, they’re not “jeans,” actually, but they’re skinny! [laughs]

Can you explain your pants a little more? We’d like to know if there is a name for what you’re wearing.
Van: So what I wore for the shoot. . . What I wear for everyday life is also what I wear for my gigs. I may style it up a little bit more and make a little more of an effort. I walked in here with drop-crotch, cotton sweatpants from Corpus. I’d wear those to a gig with pointed shoes and turn it into a look. But I am also very comfortable in them. I’ll go to bed in them and wear them on the street. I like to be very comfortable and will rock a t-shirt, a hoodie, and my jacket that I wore coming in here with my military boots from Palladium. Then again, I’d also wear those boots to a gig. So my whole look, style are connected. I am who I am when you see me perform.

For the “after” shoot, I wore a blue shirt by Oak. It’s their own line. My blazer was Marc Jacobs, and my shoes were D&G. my pants—I love these pants; they look almost like man-leggings—they’re tight cotton pants that are ribbed at the bottom with elastic. They have buttons and pockets at the top.

I like designer stuff, vintage stuff . . . I like what I like. When I go shopping, I know what I am looking for, I find it, pull it out, and buy it. But it’s a mix of a lot of Asian designers, strange cuts and weird silhouettes that aren’t typical or traditional—whether it’s a drop crotch or a hoot with a strange cut. I like things that are weird. I also like things that are a little bit androgynous and that I don’t see a lot of people wearing. I try to own my own style. I don’t prescribe to anything specific, nor do I try to look like something out of magazine. I either like it or I don’t. I pretty much use that from what I wear when I just wake up in the morning all the way through a night at the club.


You both mentioned how Michael Jackson influenced your music, but do you have any style icons who influenced your clothing choices or the way you think about clothing period?
Yes. I’ve moved by Hedi Slimane, the photographer and ex-designer for Christian Dior. He really moves me. His photography, the guys he picks, the clothes he puts them in…He has a very good sense of fashion and a specific aesthetic. It’s very simple and clean, but it’s very form-fitting. I’m all about the right tailoring—whether it be an oversized t-shirt with skinny jeans or a more form-fitting shirt with baggier pants. I really like what he does.

In terms of star power, I’ll say I really like Lady Gaga. Even though I don’t dress like Lady Gaga, I appreciate her for her individuality. She wears a lot of designer stuff and couture, I appreciate her for being so left-field. And I get a sense that, sure, maybe she is doing it a little bit for the attention, but I feel like you should wear what you want to wear, and I appreciate people being who they are.

You were talking a little bit about the process of getting ready. What is your typical tracklist when you’re getting ready and how does that influences the choices you make for what to put on?
I just made an edit or Rihanna’s “Rude Boy.” I put this tech-house beat behind it. I’ve been listening to that, and some of my other favorite songs by the Bingo Players, Zombie Disco Squad. . . Heavy Stuff, but all funky stuff. I was listening to that music before I came out to meet you guys, and I was looking through my closet and just started picking stuff. My new thing is that I want the look to be dapper but still street and still countercultural. And that’s what I feel in my music. A lot of people wear hoodies and neon colors, but the way I feel from the music is different.

I feel sexy when I listen to my music. For me to feel sexy, I put on stuff that corresponds to what I want to feel like when I am on the dancefloor, when I’m DJing, and what I feel best in.

I have my favorite things in my closet. I like mixing things up and wearing things with something that I’ve never worn them with before. I like crossing and matching things that don’t necessarily go together. That’s what I did for today.

Do you have a typical routine, in terms of order?
I shower, just my body and my face. I don’t wash my hair that much. I find that my hair is best on the 3rd, 4th, or even 5th day. From there, I get my outfit together, put my hair stuff in (I don’t spend a lot of time on my hair—I put the spray in, fuss it up, and go). I put my outfit on . . . Most of my time getting ready is spent dancing in my room. That’s what takes the most time. And then I’m late, AGAIN because I was in my room dancing to the music I was supposed to be playing at the club! [laughs]

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