La Fleur’s Done it Again

17 Mar

Dear La Fleur, I want your haircut.

Dear La Fleur, I want your haircut.

Last night’s episode of Lost was all about Sawyer AKA James AKA Jim La Fleur. In his attempt to get off the island, he had con a whole lot of people (and otherworldly beings?) in the process. In his “sideways” dimension life, he was doing a lot less conning and a lot more self-discovery about right, wrong, and all the other themes Lost keeps throwing our way to distract us from the fact that the show needs to just hurry up and end because it’s driving me nuts! Ok wait, that was me talking.

But the show reminded me of something by name alone. I had this amazing mix on my hands that I had yet to put on the site that was most definitely worth a listen. It comes to us by way of uber-talented Swedish DJ La Fleur. Her work has been highlighted here before, but with this new mix out, it’s definitely time for another shout-out. Enjoy!

La Fleur – Greenhouse Mix by lafleur

click to play -or- click the little black arrow to download

Tracklist after the jump

Kisk – Jazzy Tourism (Lopazz & Eddie Zarook remix) /Apparel Music
Matthias Meyer – Tout Va Bien (Kink remix) /Liebe Detail
Skudge – Convolution /Skudge
Seth Troxler & Matthew Dear – Hurt (Martinez Dark Soul Remix) /Spectral Sound
Marcello Napoletano – Street Fruit (Original Mix) /Quintessentials
Sandrien feat Kelly Mark – I Really /Intacto
Gadi Mizrahi- Oh Love (Original Mix) /Spectral Sound
Acumen – Chicago Story (Oxia Reinterpretation Mix) /Time Has Change
Jay Lumen – The B-Groove (Original Mix) /Bitten
Spencer Parker – You Got Me (Original Mix) /Remote Area /NRK
La Fleur – Flowerhead /Power Plant
Tapesh – Chicago Groove (Original Mix) /Cr2 Records
Solomon – Boys In The Hood (Gorge Remix) /Diynamic

Retail DJ


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