Death Knell for Music Blogs?

10 Mar

So many of my favorite music blogs seem to have gone MIA lately. From being overworked in their day jobs to simply losing interest, tons of the writers for underground electronic music blogs seem to have gone off the map. Fortunately, a few of them have been overwhelmed by other work that involves music. Take Oh Death, who has been DJing for a while, but whose gigs and fashion projects periodically keep her busier than ever, leaving very little time for work on the web. Then there’s Welcome to the Dance Club, which went cold almost a year ago, Never Miss a Beat, which hasn’t posted anything since December, and most notably, even Hype Machine, which is still hyperactive, but that now seems to feature more iTunes links than free tracks. Discodust hasn’t posted anything in a few weeks, but they generally have been taking longer breaks and thus creating far greater gaps between posts as a late.

What is happening?

As I mentioned before, part of the issue is time. A lot of bloggers, web owners, and people writing on the web have other jobs. Day jobs, night jobs, jobs on the weekends–you name it, they might do it. Even many of the artists we interview here have some other profession, channeling their creative energy into their most passionate side hustle – music or fashion (and in some cases, both). There is also the issue of money. Blogging in this case rarely pays the bills, and even though it can usher in plenty of other connections and work, we find ourselves right back to the start – with little time to actually blog.

Part of me wonders, however, if it could also be the pressure from constant demand and the need to satiate blog readers. Can that pressure sometimes become too much? Does trying to keep up with a site like, say, Discobelle, which manages to get out what seems like zillions of posts a day create a strange sense of competition or unnecessary stress?

I try to post as much as I can while still bearing in mind the quality of the post. If it’s a mix, I don’t always add a ton of context, but I do try to supply the readers and listeners with a general idea of what to expect. Interviews and photoshoots take a lot of work, primarily in both processing the pictures and transcribing the interviews. Of course, there is also the time it takes to conduct both with the artists themselves. Then there is all the marketing of sorts that takes place on the side. Networking, guerilla photographing, attending shows, etc – none of which I am paid for. I do it because I love it, just as many other writers/bloggers/music and fashion afficionados out there do. I give them a lot of credit, and I hope that somehow those sites I mentioned early can get back into the game. I respect their work and look to them as both web colleagues and sources of inspiration for their devotion to spreading the word about good music.

Keep supporting the folks out there who spend their time and energy working on sites like this. It’s what motivates them to keep up all the hard work. If you have never been to the sites mentioned above, check them out. Though they are in their quieter stages at the moment, many of the links are still active (some of which have even been cross-posted here, like last week’s Cassette Mix, which came from Oh Death). Happy reading, viewing , and listening!

Retail DJ


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