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Get Ready With Drlkt Freddie – The Mix

31 Mar

These boots are made for . . . droppin' it like it's hot

Though I have listened to this mix maybe about 20 times, it never seems to get old. With a range of dance tracks, house, ghettotech, pop, funk, and even a little soul on the close, this mix by Drlkt Freddie satiates any need one may feel for music to get pumped to go out. The perfect soundtrack to a night of tearing up the streets and ripping a dancefloor to shreds with high heels, boots, and even bare feet if the mood takes you, the Get Ready With Drlkt Freddie Mix is sure to please listeners with a wide range of tastes and a shared passion for partying like there’s no tomorrow. But enough talking from me. Just hit play to see for yourself:

Retail DJ Presents Get Ready With Drlkt Freddie – The Mix by Drlkt Freddie

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Get Ready With Drlkt Freddie – The Photoshoot

31 Mar

While talking to Drlkt Freddie at BEast, we learned quite a lot about what makes the dynamic duo tick. We also got an inside peak into their wardrobes as they were nice enough to do more than just drop beats. With us, they got a little derelict and dropped trou. Check out what Jad and Van are working with and Get Ready With Drlkt Freddie!

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What’s Good? Drlkt Freddie (Part Three)

31 Mar

Drlkt Freddie



1. left or deserted, as by the owner or guardian; abandoned.
2.neglectful of duty; delinquent; negligent.
2. remiss, careless, heedless.

Continued from Parts One and Two. . .

Why “Drlkt Freddie”? Does it have something to do with Zoolander? What’s the deal?
Van: I love Zoolander! But . . .

Jad and Van:
Nothing to do with Zoolander. [laughs]

Van: No closed deals going on up in here!

Jad: Nope! [all laugh]

I’ll take on “Freddie.” We were trying to come up with a name, and “Freddie” comes from Freddie Mercury. We are inspired by these classic, glam rock, arena acts musically, conceptually, fashion wise. . . They were beautiful beautiful bands that had beautiful voices and made beautiful music!

Jad: They were so eclectic across the spectrum. I mean, who else, other than Queen, has such a range of performances and songs? They go from rock and roll, blues, and heavy metal to arena rock. Then the performances themselves just rocked arenas around the world. Freddie Mercury was a true showman.

Van: That’s who we aspire to be.

Jad: Also, when Van was a little kid, his family used to call him Freddie.

Van: I don’t know where that came from, though! We couldn’t just stop with Freddie though, because that’s a very polished name. In addition, even though they were kind of underground in terms of style, everyone knows Queen. We needed something to address our underground roots and our upbringing in the clubs where the straights, and the gays, and the trannies were all hanging out and having a great time, all connected with the music and whatever was moving them.

The word “derelict” has a negative connotation, but we flipped the script and made dereliction positive. It’s an underground connection to music that is not widely accepted by the general public, especially in the United States—even in New York City. Europe “gets it” a little more, [and this type of sound is popular in Berlin, Barcelona, London, and other cities.

Jad: It’s also a form of expression. For example, when you go out, what do you want to be? Do you want to be a square, or do you want to be derelict and just let it all out? That’s what dereliction is.

Van: Letting loose and just being yourself.
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Upcoming Shows: Calvin Harris, Jubilee, Alexander Technique, and More!

31 Mar

Calvin Harris

Wednesday, 3/31

JOKERS OF THE SCENE + NICK CATCHDUBS + STAR EYES @ Le Poisson Rouge (158 Bleecker Street)

multiple ticket options! FREE from 10pm-12am ; FREE after 12 with RSVP – email: $8 Tickets (Guaranteed entry) – Click Here; IMPORTANT: for the $8 tickets, you must use the promotional code “GBH212′. Otherwise tickets are $10.; $13 Day of show (after midnight without RSVP or ticket)

JAMIE OF THE XX  + JDH + DAVE P @ Santos Party House (96 Lafayette Street)

Bonding over a shared love of dark, emotive 80s guitar sounds and the high-end sheen of American R&B, The xx’s unique sound befits a band whose wide range of influences combine beautiful, hushed vocal duets and a brilliantly inventive use of samples and low-end frequencies to produce stark, sweet, melancholic pop. The four precocious 19 year olds are enjoying a packed tight international tour schedule and tonight Jamie xx will bust a dj set after the heat of their NY concert appearance. $5 advance tickents and more info

Thursday, 4/1

DJ MARK LARUSH @ Flute (40 e. 20th street)

Mark Larush will be spinning Disco, Disco funk, and lounge music. So stop by for champagne and listen to so good vibes.  More Info

ROXY COTTONTAIL + LADYFAG @La Pomme (27 w. 26th street)
If you know anything about nightlife, you know who Roxy & Ladyfag are. Two of the biggest nightlife entertainers in the country who are already on legendary status start their new night this Thursday and every Thursday after. Featuring Alexander Technique and Luther. More Info.
CALVIN HARRIS @ Santos Party House (06 Lafayette street)
Make sure you get your tickets for Calvin Harris before they run out!! He’ll be DJing along with JDH and Dave P of Fixed and guests… it’s going to be a hot night… We strongly advise you to buy advance tix for this one. $15 tickets
DJ DRUZZ  @ Baddies (20 Greenwich Avenue)
DJ Druzz from New York’s leading disco-punk combo, The Rapture, will be getting behind the wheels of steel this week at our Whipped party…

What’s Good? Drlkt Freddie (Part Two)

30 Mar

Drlkt Freddie (L-R) Van Scott and Jad Cooper

That’s something special, and what I’ve always wanted: to make people dance and feel the music no matter where they are or what they are.

That’s really the basic reason why I got into music and why I started DJing. I wanted to give the same feeling I get from a certain piece of music to other people. It’s about sharing. Now we’re getting hit up by various people from all around the world.

Continued from Part One. . .

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What’s Good? Drlkt Freddie (Part One)

30 Mar

Jad Cooper + Van Scott = Drlkt Freddie

“Opposites attract.” It’s a popular saying that, while related to magnetism, translates directly into the world of human interaction. As cliché as it sounds, particularly when applied to relationships, it’s the best way to describe DJ/producer duo Drlkt Freddie. Made up of two industry veterans in their own right, Van Scott and Jad Cooper, Drlkt Freddie has the goods to move a crowd with their remixes and original tracks, but also possesses the ability to remind listeners that skill and talent are alive and well in a scene dominated by many lacking in both. Having re-worked tracks by Sia, Princess Superstar, and Larry Tee among many others, Drlkt Freddie is on a surefire track to becoming a household name, at least within communities who consider deep bass an alternative to a heartbeat.

In early March, Jad and Van chilled with us at Broadway East, better known as BEast, a bar, lounge, and yummy brunch spot in the Lower East Side. Accompanied by bumping beats in the background by resident BEast Disco Brunch DJ Richard Burroughs, we had the opportunity to find out What’s Good? with Drlkt Freddie. . .

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I <3 Mondays: Fan-Funkin'-Tastic

28 Mar

I can’t believe it’s already Monday. In what seems like the shortest weekend I have ever lived through, I managed to get a great deal of things accomplished, though not nearly enough. The dreaded first day of the work week is upon us all once again, but there’s no shortage of hope in the morning motivation that comes to us care of Jacques Renault, who recently released this super funk-tastic mix.

Jacques Renault – One’s & Two’s Mix by warmhq

c/o Discobelle

– Retail DJ

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