Welcome to 2004

27 Feb

Last night was not the best of nights. I had planned on going to see Vitalic at Webster Hall (and of course getting some amazing footage for y’all), but I was dog tired (even though I had spent all day in bed reading Vogue and watching cheesy romantic comedies in between office emails due to the snow day). I ended up spending the bulk of my night at Pathmark grocery store and Target, buying storage items for my new apartment. Somewhere, between the South African imported oranges and the canvas and leather magazine organizers, I lost my cell phone. This would be the third time I have lost a phone in the past 4 months.

I blame this series of mishaps primarily on my shockingly bad memory. I can leave a room, come back in, and have already forgotten what I had left it for in the first place (was I going to the kitchen? was I headed to the bathroom? did I have laundry downstairs I needed to hang up?). The problem is completely maddening, and sometimes makes me sad. Needless to say, I was more frustrated about being too tired to go see Vitalic than misplacing my phone because it.happens.that.much.

This morning, at the suggestion of my mother, who has become increasingly more tech saavy than I these days , I perused the offerings on eBay. The end result? A Blackbery 7290. These came out in 2004, but considering the fact that my last phone (which was a free replacement care of AT&T) was a Nokia that had a seriously delay in doing well, anything related to the keypad, I felt like I had accomplished something. I finally got a phone that could do more than text and answer calls. This was a step up, but a reminder at how old I am getting (or maybe just at how quickly technology is changing without me).

The good news is that a) I already know how to use the thing because back in my days of legal corporate servitude, I was indeed strapped to my B-Berry, as we’d affectionately call them at the firm, and b) it’s spacious enough to accommodate my enormous hands, for which the phones of today are not so well-suited. The bad news? It’s a little big (though I often have a purse the size of Montana, so that’s a bit irrelevant) and it may not have cutesy ringtones (also not a huge problem because my phone is on silent 99% of the time, one of the reasons why I keep losing the thing without any hope of finding it).

The entire experience reminded me of something odd: I never lose my music devices. I have missplaced an iPod here and there, but always found it shortly after. My tape players and cd players were never too far from sight. Headphones, though frequently broken, were never lost. This is telling considering my obsession with music. I’m hoping that the large size of the old new Blackberry I have purchased will help remedy the problem, though I think I may have to trick myself into thinking it’s actually some source of music if I want it to stay closer to home and not in some abyss where all my other phones have ended up.

On a happy note,  here’s Aeroplane’s newest mix. They released this 5 days ago, and while it’s not chock full of bangers like their earlier sets, the last few tracks are worth the buildup.

Aeroplane “Chart Mix” February 2010 by Aeroplane (Official)

Have an amazing Saturday night.

Retail DJ


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