Friday Fashion Fail: No, Rachel Zoe, No . . .

26 Feb

I was checking out the other day for black flats to feature in this week’s Get Dressed to This: Vintage Finds when I stumbled across a couple of Rachel Zoe picks that made my heart skip a beat. This momentary lapse in blood circulation was unfortunately not due to excitement. No, it was due to good old fashioned WTF? Check out these hideous shoe horrors they are trying to peddle to us:

ay meu Deus do ceu. SO UGLY. Say it with me, now, “No, Rachel Zoe, no.”

Or what about these? Are my shoes going to a funeral at a bordello? “No, Rachel Zoe, No.”

Speaking of houses of ill repute, I think that might be the only place these shoes would fly. “No, Rachel Zoe, No,”

Ok, let’s not pull a “Carrie Bradshaw” on our feet too. These are outdated, fugs, and I totally saw them at an outlet mall in Brazil for like $15. That $165 isn’t worth it, ladies, trust me. “No, Rachel Zoe, No.”

Retail DJ


One Response to “Friday Fashion Fail: No, Rachel Zoe, No . . .”

  1. wordbyjessie October 2, 2010 at 10:05 pm #

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Choices are noooot good.

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