Saturday Site Love: Oldschool Is the Only School

23 Jan

The other day, while compiling some of the videos for this week’s Oldies But Goodies post, I stumbled across an amazing blog called Oldschool Is the Only School. There, the author posts a more recent track (usually via video) and the original track from which it sampled heavily. Thoug the concept is simple, the site is a lot of fun because at times, you can run across real shockers or songs you have never heard in your life! Two that left my mouth open were:

Tony Lee – Reach Up. . . Phats & Small – Turn Around

While the beat used in the Phats & Small clearly sounds like a disco track, I never realized it had come from another song, especially one I had never heard before . . . ever.

The other shocker was this one:

Bernard Wright – Spinnin’ . . . Skee Lo – I Wish (which a castmember on MTV’s  Real World: DC cited in an episode the other day, shocking me considering they seem like fetuses at this point, most of them having been born in the late 80s to early 90s!)

You have to listen a little closer for this one (wait for the break in the original to hear what was sampled). It’s funny because I remember thinking when Skee Lo’s song came out that the music in the background was always way better than the cute and catchy lyrics. I guess my instincts were right!

To check out which one of your favorite tunes sampled old school styles, check out the site:


(note: photo is not from the site)

– RetailDJ


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