Get Dressed to This: Hipster Leanings in Lisboa

14 Jan

The other day on the A train, I saw a young man get on who most likely was coming back from vacation; he had a suitcase with him and looked well rested. But beyond this, homeboy was stylish. He was wearing a burgundy letter sweater, with navy blue pants, a light gray dress shirt, a black trilby hat, black rimmed Buddy Holly glasses, and multi-fabric sneakers. He had what I recall seeing quite a bit when I was in Lisbon, easily one of my favorite cities in Europe: a little bit hipster, yet polished and neat. Imagine, if you can, a hipster who irons his clothes and dresses a bit like his grandfather, who is also very well put together. There is a confidence in his walk, but not a cockiness that we see all too often. He is himself, young and still hanging onto the lessons his parents taught him, but daring here and there to tweak his style to match his more bohemian peers. He goes to LuxFragil some weekends, but remembers to go by his grandmother’s on Fridays for bacalhau.

I saw a lot of this in Lisbon, a style that didn’t scream trying to hard. It was well-played and subtle, leaving you to admire the wearer and his choices, the fit, and colors, as opposed to the garish glare of a self-conscious, tv-dictated outfit. With that, I give you Lisbon with a touch of hipster (“alternativo”) and a mix by Portuguese DJ prodigy Ka§par, who is, by far, one of my favorite and highly underrated djs from the Iberian Peninsula. Come with me across the ocean, and get dressed to this:

Ka§par, Mamilo Mix #25: Winter Edition Pt. 2 (.zip, DL) (tracklist below)

note: the mix starts out slow, but gets really deep with heavy bass and percussion, some soul, funk, and house around the 15 minute mark!

1. Cream and Blue Striped Western Shirt, Etsy, $16 USD

2. Textured  Tobacco Brown Pants, Desigual (price unknown, check eBay and local Desigual stores, where applicable)

3. “Highly Strung” Diesl Leather/Suede/Fabric Sneakers, Diesel (Denmark), EUR 68

4. Standard Apres Ski Cardigan in Dark Gray, Urban Outfitters, $68 USD

to “Americanize” the look a little more:

5. Trilby Hats Galore at Topman (EUR 10 – EUR 22)

6. Buddy Holly Glasses, Ebay, $10 USD

winter edition pt. 2 tracklist:

01. herbie hancock – quasar (warner bros.)
02. gil scott-heron – where did the night go? (xl)
03. arpanet – ntt docomo (record makers)
04. pedro goya – pleo dub (troia)
05. luke hesse – motor dub (fxhe)
06. red rack’em – place for me (auto)
07. reggie dokes – love (philpot)
08. scott grooves – a1 (natural midi)
09. meikbar – feelings (rush hour)
10. johnwaynes – falling leaves , speech mix (groovement unrelelased)
11. recloose – walking on turquoise (rush hour)
12. ka§par – music life , photonz remix (groovement)
13. brooks – clix (mantis)
14. starfighterz – flavour (rush hour)
15. mechanique – the perfect alibi , ebe remix (benthic)
16. pépe bradock – un pepe dans la dentelle (kif)
17. daniel ibbotson – upscale adult (fenetik)
18. lunken – northern lights (promo) 

– Retail DJ


3 Responses to “Get Dressed to This: Hipster Leanings in Lisboa”

  1. Ka§par March 23, 2010 at 3:18 pm #

    Wow, I was searching for online leaks of the new Groovement we’re releasing when I found this page, I didn’t even know the blog, I was tearfully happy with the insightful words on both my culture and my work… thank you so much!

    all the best

  2. retaildj March 24, 2010 at 3:38 pm #

    awww, anytime, kaspar! i love your work, and this mix is phenomenal. keep making great music!

  3. Anonymous April 3, 2010 at 11:14 am #

    I really liked your blog! super

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