Oldies But Goodies: Music Imitating Fashion? or Fashion Imitating Music?

12 Jan

This site is about the intersection of music and fashion, as they clearly have a lot to do with each other:

  • they both are contingent upon trends, but also work equally to set them
  • they make celebrities of the people involved in their creation
  • lots of people are inspired by them in a reflexive way (i.e. fashion inspiring music or music inspiring fashion)
  • runways would be bare without music
  • many “get ready” sessions are dictated by music (as I often profile)

I am more than certain that I am stating the obvious, but I felt like we just needed a little reminder. We take for granted that the two are so closely connected these days. Afterall, most videos are like realtime fashion shoots, with the magazine cover-esque glossed finish and beautiful people, most of whom are aspiring models, so it’s difficult to differentiate between the two. There was a time, however, in the early stages of video production, that the artists made it explicitly clear that the song, despite its lyrics (or, in some case, exactly because of the lyrics) connected somehow to the fashion world. I’m here to provide you with a little nostalgia. Note, however, that some of these aren’t that old at all, particularly the hip hop tracks, but they too offer a reminder of a time when rap artists were just beginning to make the transition to fashion designers, now a multitasked endeavor that’s more common than not. Enjoy

1. George Michael’s “Too Funky”

2. Madonna’s “Vogue”

3. Jay-Z’s “Change Clothes”

4. RuPaul’s “Supermodel” (follow the link)

5. David Bowie’s “Fashion”

6. Nelly’s “Air Force Ones”

7. Nelly’s “Grillz” (this counts as a fashion statement, even though it’s a dental one, right?)

8. En Vogue’s “Free Your Mind”

9. Right Said Fred’s “Too Sexy”

10. Prince’s “You’ve Got the Look” (unfortunately, no video, just the song):

If you can think of any others, feel free to add in the comments!

– Retail DJ


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