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8 May


hi everyone,

due to a technical error and a lot of busy months as a grad student wherein i neglected Retail DJ for a bit, I ended up losing my URL (booooo)

HOWEVER, Retail DJ is not dead. hence my asking you to update your links. you can check out the site note via

Same Content. Same Podcasts. Same Downloads. Same Editor.

the facebook, twitter, and soundcloud also remain the same

AGAIN, is not longer mine, but IS

don’t be fooled by the impostors

– the REAL Retail DJ ūüôā


Retail DJ April (2013) Podcast

8 May

a-trak – quitte la piste (feat. ttc)
schenk – feel something (original mix)
round table knights – whoo (original mix)
the bird and the bee – f-cking boyfriend
rishi k. – another profound moment (original mix)
tiger & woods – love in cambodgia (original)
round table knights – i just want (original mix)
franc spangler – forever and a day
riton – frambuesa

photo via…te-57547870

Retail DJ January (2013) Podcast

8 May

tracklist (artist – track)

1. FCL & VFB – Love Prescription (FCL vs. VFB)
2. La Fleur – Petals On Fire
3. Claptone – Another Night
4. James Silk – Can’t Wait
5. Rafael Kakudo – Work (Original Mix)
6. Audiojack – Stay Glued (FCL Weemix)
7. Ramadanman – Glut
8. Buraka Som Sistema – Hangover BaBaBa (NICE MSC Remix)
9. Nguzunguzu – Got U (Canblaster & Berou Bonux Remix)
10. Dubbel Dutch – Darq
11. Dances With White Girls – Everyone’s Got To Make A Living 128
12. The Shoes – America (Brodinski Remix)
13. Mulher Melancia – Solteira Sim, Sozinha Nunca
14. Daniel Haaksman – Deixa Tocar (Consistent Remix
15. Kerri Chandler – Bar A Thym (Original Mix)
16. Armand Van Helden – Playmate (Jesse Rose Remix)
17. Dee-Lite – Call Me
18. Eli Escobar – Love Thing, Pt. 2 (DJ Mehdi Club Edit)
19. Justice – DVNO (Todd Edwards Remix)
20. Norrit – Move (ft. Royce Diamond)
21. Boddika – Breezin
22. Lando Kal – Further

Get Dressed to This: Calm After the Storm

3 Nov

For anyone with CNN, access to the internet, or a friend of a friend of a friend, news of Super Storm Sandy that wrecked most of the northeast won’t come as a surprise. What might, however, is the fact that this force of nature was able to make New Yorkers stay still, quite literally, for several days. We all got to know our neighborhoods very well, as we were restricted to them for several days before we could get around in cars or even consider mass transit. I was one of the lucky ones, as I had power, cable, internet, water, and phone service the entire time, but many folks in the region were not. Now that the storm has passed, it’s left lots of damage, but also lots of hope. Most importantly, it has reminded us all that we need to slow down, appreciate what is around us, and take a moment to remember what is most important in our lives. The daily hustle and bustle to and from work or some social function or this and that event doesn’t have to be at the top of our priorities list.

In putting together this week’s Get Dressed to This (after quite the hiatus!), I wanted to use a mix that starts off slow and warms up as it goes along, expanding- spiraling, in fact – into a serious display of house perfection. Though minimal throughout, this mix by Dee Bufato for the great music series Without A Name shows us that build-ups need not be drastic nor predictable. Considering most of the going out this weekend will be on the mellow side, Bufato’s mix is perfect for having a little drink and getting pumped to brave the newly arrived chill outside in style.

1. Peplum Dress by A Wear, available at ASOS for $61.57 USD (view/buy)


2. Lydia platform pump  by Matiko, available at Solestruck for $284.95 USD (view/buy)



3. Vintage Royal Purple Earrings available on Copious for $3 USD (view/buy)



4. Asymmetrical wool-blend melange coat by Rick Owens, available at The Outnet for $957.25 USD (view/buy)


– Retail DJ

I <3 Mondays: Laboring

4 Sep

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to go back to sleep!

It’s the day after Labor Day, which usually means at least one of three things: 1) you will believe it’s Monday and your brain will betray you by convincing of this fact and allowing you to write “September 3rd” on all dated documents when it is in fact September 4th, 2) you will not want to be at work, 3) you will want to jump in a time machine and go back to Sunday night, right before Labor Day, because you know it means you’ll have the day off tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the latter of the three is not possible and the former two are incredibly likely. The good thing is that music can always help ease you back into a “Monday” after a 3-day weekend. Welcome to Tuesday. Try to enjoy it by adding this house mix by Belo Horizonte-based DJ Gustavo Peluzo. His mixes always help me when I need them to, hopefully it will do the same for you and your post-holiday (lack of) spirit:

Gustavo Peluzo – This Is a Track Vol. 08

(click to stream/ download)

– Retail DJ

I <3 Mondays: Back Home

27 Aug


Aaaaand I’m back! I arrived a week ago and have spent the past few days getting good spicy food into my system (gotta say, the Southeastern part of Brazil is lacking a little bit in the spice department), cleaning, and attempting to reorganize my life. Some moments of this process have been awkward, like when I attempted to order ice cream in Portuguese while on 6th avenue and 14th street. I suppose the heat had fried a few of my brain cells. Luckily the strange stares from my anglophone fellow customers whacked everything back into order.¬†

But of all the things I missed about NYC or craved in the middle of the night or dreamed about, music was on the top of my list. Music in Sao Paulo clubs is fantastic, so it wasn’t for a lack of live options. But with my computers failing me at every turn, slow internet connection, and limited time to download as I pleased, my music got cut short. I was separated from my greatest love, sometimes even by day (as some libraries where I was conducting research didn’t allow mp3 players or headphones). Now that I’m back, I’ve been reunited.¬†

So with this grand rekindling of the musical fires that launch every moment of inspiration in my life, I’ve decided to share the love that emerges from the embers. Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you Shir Khan’s latest mix to make your Monday a little more pleasant.¬†

click to stream

This three-hour August mix comes courtesy of one of my favorite DJs/producers and surely will not disappoint. It’s a mix of tens of genres and a whole lot of style. So stream away, and may you have a very happy Monday.


– Retail DJ

A Few of My Favorite Things

7 Aug

Last week I watched a Brazilian news show on which the main reporter interviewed several “estrangeiros” (foreigners) about their experiences living here in Brazil. When the time came for them to talk to the American, of course she was the ultimate personification of the worst stereotypes of my people. She was skinny, white, blonde, and blue-eyed (nothing wrong with any of those things, but the stereotype here is that ALL Americans look like that OR that we’re all grossly overweight). She spoke no Portuguese and barely made an attempt to learn it. When asked what her favorite thing about Brazil was, she replied “cheap maid service.” You see, in the States, having a maid is a privilege often reserved for the rich. Not in Brazil! Here, labor is so cheap that you can exploit people as you please! (sarcasm) But seriously, that was her answer.

I was ashamed, at that moment, to be an American.

Even the Mars landing, all those gold medals, and our excellent demand of frying things could not bring back my pride. Instead, I thought, it would be worth giving an alternative answer. Sure, there are things that suck about Brazil (AS anywhere), but there are lots of things that are awesome…far beyond cheap house cleaning.

If they had interviewed me, the viewers might have been confused. I “look Brazilian” (or so everyone here says). I speak Portuguese. I don’t wear Hawaiian print shirts, Tevas, or carry my backpack to clubs. I can handle my liquor. I have an uncanny ability to never look lost, even though I am ALWAYS lost here (the streets go in spirals…no joke…and change names about 3 times per block). And I would give a much better answer than the bimbo they had speak for us. You see, what I like most about Brazil is its….

– People. They work A LOT (though are rarely given credit for their dilligence) and yet still make time to be with family, to hang out with friends, and to be generally cordial even on the most craptastic of days.

– Parties. They go all night. They make NYC’s 4 am closing time look like the hours of a daycare center. Their club nights are ragers…some even go as long as 24 hours. I have never been able to make it until the lights come on (though that’s a personal goal I plan on accomplishing this week!)

– Music. Let’s face it: Brazilian music is the bomb. And I am not just talking about samba and bossa nova, folks. Every day, there is a new type of music popping up here, even as close as someone’s backyard (funk carioca, anyone?). Sao Paulo’s DJs give the audio knights of Western Europe a serious run for their money and the triangle swinging, accordian slinging forro players make American country look pitiful.

– Juice. Go into any diner and you will most likely have the option of anywhere from 5 – 15 fresh juice options for under $3. The juice list at the diner down the street from me, despite being written in alphabetical order, still makes me dizzy JUST from its awesomeness. Acai, strawberry, grape, mango, cashew (yes, that’s a fruit before it’s a nut!)…you name it, they have it. Pretty sweet…literally.

suco de acerola…yum!

– Shoes. Whenever I am in Brazil, I buy a sh*t-ton of shoes, mainly because the equivalent shoe in the US will be a) double the price, b) uncomfortable, and/or c) fall apart before I can even break it in. The shoes here are reasonably priced, cute, comfortable (I can’t speak to heels as I hardly wear them, but I hear those are pretty comfy too…considering), and e v e r y w h e r e. I can buy shoes in the metro station! (not even kidding). Brazil is also home to some of my favorite shoe designers like Melissa and Louloux (whose sale I finally had a chance to go to! more on this later), both of which are always challenging the status quo with cutting edge designs.

my newest from Louloux

– Beauty. I can get a manicure/pedicure for $10 or less, depending on the city, and they get rid of all the cuticle! My polish lasts longer and my nails generally look prettier (I have short grubby nails that I tend to bite…the convenience of getting manicure/pedicures here helps prevent that). The hair products are also amazing, especially for people with curly hair like myself. They have a hair product for every single racial and/or ethnic group and all the possible racial mixes therein. And if you hate your hair type, there is a treatment, serum, conditioner, or process that can help you with that for under $50. Hair salon services are also reasonably priced. On another side note, everything seems to grow faster here (my only guess is that they have fewer preservatives in their foods, even the packaged ones + the higher temperature in most places = open pores). My hair and nails grow like wildfire.

– Repairs. People still fix things here instead of jumping to buy a new version of whatever broke. There is someone who possesses the skill to fix whatever failed you and usually very cheaply.

– TPM magazine. It’s technically “Trip Para Mulheres” (Trip (a men’s magazine) for women), but “tpm” also means “pms” in Portuguese, so it’s a funny play on words. It’s like Jane or Bust, but in Portuguese. SADFACE that I can’t get a subscription sent to the US, but I am trying to work some magic to fix that.

– Reduced Movie Tickets. Depending on the day of the week, movie tickets have different prices. Wednesday is the cheapest day. Students and old folks get half off. When is New York going to catch onto this awesomeness?

– Muggia. The best bag boutique in Rio. They make beautiful pieces of leather, canvas, and mixed materials. Their purses are on the pricey side, but they’re worth it. They last f-o-r-e-v-e-r!

This is just a sampling of my favorite things about Brazil. There are many more. But in a 10-minute news segment about my experiences here, that’s what I would have said.

– Retail DJ

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